Finally making headway on fixing the BFH!


Let me know if you need anything. If I have it it's yours brother. I owe you and would love to be able to help you out.

man you might want to sit down for a while hate to read you passed out from heat exaustion ..:rolleyes:

really you shouldnt do so much at one time...:D
Well...that is a good start...I am glad to see you didnt have a problem getting the car up there......

I was helping a friend of mine put his car up on the ramps so that we could change the oil...he got about 1/2 way up and I told him a little more gas..he gave it more gas..the ramps slid about 6" and then when they caught the front of the car went over the ramps, and the car was resting on the ramps by its frame....after laughing for a few minutes I gave him the car Jack, and let him get the my ramps our from under the car....From now on I put his car on the ramps :)

wow..I have just wasted about 15 sec of your life by making you read that that time Kevin Could be Removing the oil drain plug!!!!!!!!
do i need to come down and help a guy out

way behind the learning curve on this buick thing
<phew> yup, that was about as much work as I could handle! (heh heh)

Car is at work (my parents), and I'm not sure having it there to work on is a good the time I'm finished working, about the LAST thing I wanna do is go outside to work some more! But, I ain't got no room at home...the garage is always full, the side driveway is covered with motorhomes & quad trailers, and my main driveway is on about a 30° angle...

Anyway, monetary constraints are going to force me into the "super-duper-low-budget-econo" rebuild, ie: new bearings & a rear main seal! I'm just hoping the crank ain't all hacked up, cuz if it is, then it's just gonna have to sit on ramps until spring!

(and thanks for the offers, guys!)