First ride in a Viper,


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Dec 7, 2002
Our local Dodge Dealer picked up this at the Sale last week. 2004 Viper, 45k miles. Pretty damn impressive, if I say so.

I know most of you guys have seen/driven these already but in nowhere Kansas we don't see these to often :cool:

I romped on a couple for 3 days at Skip Barber, Lime Rock Park. Not the best build quality but, they do run good. Drift good too.
My buddy Scott had one for 4 months.

Worst car I've ever ridden in, didn't drive it. :p

As bad as his 2002 Dodge Diesel truck with noise, ride, visibility etc. :eek:

And that thing was real bad. :p

Other than that it was fast and new. 2008. :)

He replaced it with a Corvette Z06 an infinitely better car to be in for more than 5 minutes, or less for that matter. :cool:
they ride terribly. a guy at a local car show modded one and stated he should have bought a Vette. he hated his. I rode in one years ago and it was very clanky and really didnt handle very well at all. wasnt even a little impressed. definately a head turner tho. sharp looken
I didnt say I wanted to buy the damn thing :p

It does have brutal torque though :D

I would take a Z06 ANYDAY of the week over this :biggrin:
Awesome cars if you drive them they way they are meant to be driven!

I spent some seat time on a road course with a professional driver going 10/10ths the whole way. Scared the crap out of me. This was at the SRT Driving Experience last Fall. Good times!


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Dodge can't build a sports car on their own. A Viper is all Dodge insides..but the body is built by an Itialian maker. The Stealth was a Dodge body, but the insides were all Mitsu!!! When I got my '94 Stealth I was very surprised to see MMC ALL over it. Even on the windshield!!
Really a simple piece to own and maintain. Laid out like a mid 80's Camaro. Big 505 inch motor, Tremec T56, Dana Super 44 type center section--all in a simple, square tube frame. Built by real Americans at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in God's own Detroit. What's not to like?! This thing is a real 190mph car, and will run low 12's at 120mph or so with a Chimp driving it, stock. Is it a super slick, polished, impeccably constructed car? No, it ain't! I like the simplicity, ruggedness, and basic honesty of the Viper. There aren't many cars left that don't try to be everything to everbody, but the Viper is one of those. The service manual for my 06 Snake is just and ordinary, single book, but my 02 Z06 has THREE seperate books to cover the car. Just the electrical manual for the Z06 is larger than the entire Viper manual! With 2003-2004 cars available in the 35-40k range, these Vipers bring a whole lotta ass whooping power for very reasonable bucks! Thanks, Rudy.