First time ever to track with GN

Vader GN

Jun 1, 2005
Holy crap..I ran slow! a 14.5 and a 14.6 with 2.4 60 fts. Obviously I need to learn some drag techniques with this car!

I foot braked it to about 2000 rpm and launched with no spin. It feels real soft at launch then spools and takes off. Should I rev it higher?

Any help would be appreciated!
with 2800 10.5" converter i like to bring the car just below the stall at 2750 or so which just starts to lift the front end then when the tree hits the last amber let go of the brake and bring the pedal down which seats it on the rear , the converter seems to flash to around 3750-4000rpm before i break the beams ,
i get 1.6s easy , and ocassionally i got some 1.5s , this is on the ta49 and the stock turbo . you have to have good tires and track prep , i have good rear bar in there now which makes it stick more consistently but was doing ok with just the stocker bars and air bags

oh and i would ditch the stock chip before you hurt something
2.4s with no spin i would get a better chip
thanks..yeah I know I need a chip and some injectors and a Walbro. Will the chip wake it up off the line? Even on the street the car seems sluggish off the line. I'm used to manual V8's, so is this just how typical GN's are?

And how much boost are you building at 2750?
the chip can make the car
youll need a scanmaster and really shouldnt be going WOT without one
go to and read and do the basics to the car before you hurt it

at 2750 im just below the stall at 0 boost

my car spools stupid fast and Im not just going to 15psi ( I'm running a wee bit more boost than stock) , on the street traction is almost non existant on standard street tires with the pedal down its nothing but smoke , the mickey T radials help but even they can be brought to smoke if its leaned into too fast or track isnt the greatest.

camparing a buick6 to a manual v8 isnt really fair to v8s , the 6 even with just a ta49 has potential for a lot of torque down low. mid high 12s on stock injectors should be easy to attain .

btw what was your MPH 1/8 and 1/4
I cant find the slip, but my 1/4 trap was like 94-95 mph. Maybe something isnt right with the car then. It just doesnt have a lot of "oomph" off the line. It runs pretty hard once its moving though. I'm running stock boost, but I was figuring on running at least a low 14. I hope when I upgrade the fuel system and get a chip, it wakes her up. A scanmaster is on the list too when funds allow.
I ran for the first time ever this fall and with a ta 32 turbo 32 # injectors A 93 oct street chip about 19# boost and Nittos I did 13.10. 105 mph 2.0 60'.Since then I got a Turbotweak race chip so I'm looking forward to Spring to practice some more and get into the 12's If you get a race chip get a TT chip. Also keep your eyes out for a ATR 2.5 or kirban 3" downpipe and get rid of the stocker.