flickering and diming lights

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
i have a 87 gn with 81,000 miles on it this is the problem that i am having the inside lights flicker when running the car has a bad miss some times sometimes it doesnt alt voltage is 14.2 14.6 and another thing if you let it run long enough you will see the lights dim for a second like something was drawing alot of juice and it wasnt the cooling fan the engine wasnt even hot yet what should i do replace all the grounds with thicker ones and replace the battery cables too i would like to know what is going on before i replace all of this stuff and how do i ck grounds
Check your battery terminals and make sure they are good and free of corrosion. If they're OK, check the positive cable connection at the starter........could be loose or possibly shorting somewhere on it's way to the starter.
Check your wires for a pinch or missing grounds.
p.s. using some capital letters and periods would make your post much easier to read.

I just rebuilt my alternator, and it had the identical problem!
Replaced the Rectifier(diode assembly), diode trio(sort of a bridge) and brushes. Now, it puts out the original 120 amps, no headlamp flicker. It cost about $40, plus time. What do you think?