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Mar 1, 2005
I don't know if you guys caught the weather but NC got hammered all week by storms and then the remnants of the tropical storm came through yesterday.

I have a great friend that lost his home last night due to flooding:frown: We had this same thing happen back in 99 and the scientist called it the 100 or 500 yr flood:rolleyes:

Several homes and some towns are under water here this morning. I am blessed with no damage and on high ground.

Never know how fast life can change....
I live in SE Virginia and we got hit pretty good as well. The costal area didn't get hit as hard as the inland areas. 30 miles made a difference between 4" of rain and 12", fortunately I live in the area where we got 6-8".
Flooding sucks! We are dry now but got hit hard in 2008 and again this year. My personal home has always been dry but some of the rentals got wet. In 2008 I lost over $5k on one house alone plus 2 weeks of my time. My insurance did not cover water coming up the floor drains. New insurance company now. Just a month or so ago I watched people walking in waste deep water hauling electronics out of their homes. I get nervous every time it rains now. I hope your friend turns out okay.
No you certainly don't Shane, life can change in the blink of an eye.:(
They covered NC in the NH news.. Looks bad...
We have had minor shiz compared to you guys in NC...

Of course it went from Balmy to outright cool in a matter of hours & I have a Headache to beat the band from the abrupt temp change. 2 excedrins & ice pack on my head help a bit :eek: