Folks with auto lifts I need your opinions


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
I will be building a shop next year and will eventually get a 2 post frame lift. I am looking to go with a 12' ceiling. Should that work good? From my measurements it looks fine. Just curious on some other opinions.
Rotary lifts work great.. I have two 18,000 # lifts " one drive on and one 2 post" dealership i work and have never had any problems

This is what i use when im away from work..

I have a rotary 7000# lift, 2-post and 12ft. sides. Works good, just position so your support trusses dont get in the way if your building uses trusses. Bob.
I've got 12' ceiling and right in the center of the ceiling I had it raised to 13' and the width of the lift and I still have plenty of room. I have a 7000# 2 post lift from a GM dealership.
I agree with the above statements. Rotary lifts are just awesome. We use 9000# rotary two post lifts at the tranny shop I work at. I have put 11,000# on them several times and still feel reasonably safe underneath them. They go up a little slower when you overload them, but they push 'em clear to the top with no problems. Rock solid.
IF you will be putting a full size truck on your lift and want plenty of room to stand up under it, you may to go for a 14' ceiling unless you are shorter than 5'6". My truck is almost 6' high at the roof line, raise it 6' for me to fit under and the roof is now 12' high.
Also consider if you are going to have any type of lighting directly above your lift.
Here's a pic of my 2-post asymetrical.

Also, think about the type of lift, if you have one that has the ramps you drive up on, it will be more difficult to change tires on, if it lifts from the frame of the vehicle it alot easier, but for suspension work, you usually have to have the suspension loaded, so a ramp style would be easier in that case.