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Feb 11, 2004
I have been researching alky & propane. I drive a 97 viper gts that has a twin screw sc on it. I currently run a 5 lb pulley as that seems to be what 91 octane will support. I am toying with some ideas, but I was planning on maybe trying your system with a 8 to 10 lb pulley and advancing my timing.
How will the system adapt to this car since you appear to be geared to the turbo buicks. I pretty much hit full boost at 2000 rpm.

I also want to do a 70 to 100 shot of nitrous with propane ( my fuel system may be maxed out at the 650 to 700 rwhp i estimate with a 8 to 10lb pulley.)

Will their be a mixture problem of the water/alky and the nitrous and propane?

Also at what rate of consumption will there be for the water/alky for all around driving 9 mostly cruising around town barelt hitting boost except to get on freeways.

See it can be adapted to a blown application rather easily,
SC'd Vette , The premise and application are all what you want to do.

The only issue I see with running too many things is more items to have issue with. If you become dependant on having all your systems dialed in and working together, as soon as one fails.. your down.

See when your motor requires lets say "X" for detonation control. You get that X and divide it propane, alcohol, water, etc. Then all of these have to mixed in correct proportions to achieve the detonation control needed to keep the motor from pinging.

My suggestion, is pick a platform for detonation control, and find its limits. If you dont find the limit, then why add more. And complicate the tuning process. Also rethink your water addition to alcohol. Cosumption will vary depending on how much you want to blow through the motor.

BTW, those pixs are of a 421CI SBC, raised runner aluminum heads, .700 roller, ATI D1, 83lbs inj, aeromotive pump, FAST, etc.. that car last nite on the highway blew 20 PSI :eek: boost on 93 octane.. insane power..

Plans are to get rid of the Mondo IC and make it stealthy.

You will be able to run more boost and timing with AI. This has been proven.

No my TTA cant hang with that on the highway.. in case inquiring minds want to know :D