For-Sale... 1985 N/A Regal


Lead foot and a slow car
Jul 1, 2001
ok im sellin my 1985 Regal b/c im leaving for the coast guard and my rents wont let mew keep it in the garage.... some bullish bout my moms blazer needing the room {1994 full-size K-5 w/ a 95 LT-1} so here it is. the car has only 92k w/ a 3.8 2bbl V-6. the car was repainted about 8 mon. ago b4 i bought it. i think the milage then was 84k. she runs beautieful and the vynal top was replaced same time it was painted. theres no rust what so eva and theres a few dings from the ol' lady b4 me. theres a few scratchs but other than that its straight. the oil has always changed b4 or at 3k. uh... the interior has no rips.. worn in the normal spots that a 16 year old car would have. the stereo is a Pioneer Deck DEH-1300, new 3-1/2's and 4x10's, 2 crunch 10' subwoofers 240watt max that r bridged into a 250 watt amp. its a nice mellow bump. not like the rice burners. and the box is a custom built bandpass that sits on the ledge above the rear axle. im askin 2700 w/ stereo but ill go for 2300 w/ out stereo but the stereo needs to go to {the subs amp and box} and i need the money to pay off insurance and to leave.