For Sale: 1987 GN 274ci T-Tops 60k mi


Just a chip and exhaust..
Job loss forces sale- I have been thinking of selling my GN, and now life has forced my hand. I will have a more detailed post in the Cars For Sale section soon, but thought I would post up here first. I have owned this car for over 18 years. It has always been a NW car. Asking $21,500.
Contact by phone is best- (206) 200-7998. Car is located in Spokane.
Sorry to hear about your job! I've been there before as well and had to sell mine. Fortunately, I was able to get back another after I got back on my feet. I just seen this in the for sale section. Very nice car! I hope it all/life starts to go in a way that will make things easy and smooth for you - considering... Prayers going up! Best Wishes!
Damn Steve.
I knew you'd been talking and thinking about selling her, I'm sadly surprised your actually selling. Best of luck my friend and good luck in your future, and I look forward to hearing about your new adventure. Keep in touch.