Ford vs Buick in Oklahoma Oct. 14-15


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Have not heard any buzz about this event this year? Could it be the ass kicking we took last year? I don't even know if I'll go this year?

Not sure if I'll go or not? But.... it could be the place for the showdown between me and my son Geoff? '10 Shelby GT500 vs '86 Grand National Could be we'll see...
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I haven't been in several years....may go to at least spectate if I don't finish my T before then. Too many projects......
I will be there, ass whooping or not, The Ford guys are butt hurt on addition of LS help,sorry I didn't ask for the help but I don't put that much money in my car and don't care to make it any quicker than a 10.5 sec car... Not there yet but not in a hurry.
I know it's on FB under Ford vs Buick.

I saw a post by Blake that said all black cars that run 10.99 or faster will get in free!

I suppose they are trying to spur some interest on the Buick side?

Looking on FB I see all LS cars are welcome!
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This above only applies to any GN or TR that meets the time requirement and have to have at least 10 cars !
Yes sir David he is trying to get some of the faster Buicks to the event so it sparks a closer race of Buicks unlike the smokin we got last year...
I will be there, might even be driving two cars, depends on if my Brother Steve is able to get off work and # 2 hoping its a 10.99 or faster also with his car, big changes to his car!!!! I am having Jack do some work to mine, hope to break into the 11's . next year heads, Intake, IC, and already have a accufab 70 mm throttle body and doghouse to breathe! Putting Eaton posi and mosser axles this week.