Forged Rods IN STOCK $439.99

Mike Licht

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May 23, 2001
Forged Rods from K1 Technoligies are in stock, this is a narrow journal, stock length rod perfect for rebuilds and a fantastic choice for Eagle/CAT crank rebuilds This introductory price of $439.99 will only be good for a short time, about 2 weeks and then they will go up to $479.99

Get 'em while we got 'em!

Mike Licht
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Here you go:


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- Buick 5.960" Connecting Rod Set
-.940" Bushed Pin
- 2.249" Crank Pin
- ARP 2000 bolts
- .855" Journal Width

random idle question Mike, how much do they weigh different than a stock rod and how much for a set of matching floating pins because my current ones are pressed and you destroy the pins getting the pistons off the rods right?

I have not weighed a stock rod in so long I do not remember I do not have a loose one here but I will get one. Pins will likely get scuffed up What kind of pistons?
Custom Diamond forgings for my 4.1 (3.995) They already have the spiroloc grooves in them I just started out with stock rods and pressed pins. I keep regretting using those rods and since everything is in peices I might replace them with more durable items.
49-blues said:
What kind of horsepower do you think they will handle?

If you were paying attention to the post on these rods at t6p which I pretty
sure you were you would already know the answer to that question. :D :D
I can tell you thins for sure. They will handle lots more than stock and if you compare the price to a set of stockers that have been magged, resized, bushed and had the bolts replaced you will be ahead
If i already knew the answer there would be no point in asking the question and i havent been following the t6p message board lately.