Found weird fuel pump setup


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May 3, 2003
Went to do a fuel pump install today on my car.One thing is the car had an external with seperate feed going up to the rail.Pulled the interior out and found the power wire was taped off:( So fuel was probly ussing that pump and extra line as a return to the tank:mad:
Pulled the tank down and found the external pump feed going directly into the sump,no filter anywhere in the system:mad:
The pump setup was a dual pump?No markings on the pumps and they looked fairly old.Both pumps were fed off the same stock power feed:(
So I just cut those and the external pump out and installed a 340 and ran the feed wires out of the tank and hard wired into the harness to bypass the internal connection.

Did these cars come with 2 intank pumps?It looked very good.
Sounds like you just replaced a double pumper setup for a single pump.Bad move if you did.The double pumper is worth more for horsepower,not to mention they go for $500.
Yes it was a double pumper setup.From the looks of it the way I have it now the car will run alot better than it did before though.
This car hasn't been touched in over 6 years since the owner before me new nothing about these cars.I'm just afraid of what else I'll find.There was no reason for a double pumper and seperate line with an inline pump as I can see.Also the double pumper looked like stock pumps.
Oh,that does sound goofy.Do you still have the pump hanger and stuff for it?You could probably mount 2 340s on it.If you have it and don't want it I am looking tor a double pumper setup and I could probably just do that.
I ended up cutting it apart and customizing a single pump setup.All it was is a different holder at the end and a Y hose.
The holder wouldn't hold a single 340 because the double pumps were way too thin.
Do people really use the internal plug that connects to the bulk head connector?It looked horrible to me(current restrictive).I ended up running the wires through the metal (sealed it)to the hot wire contact.Left the fuel sender and the existing ground there.