Four Post Lift Differences

Hunter Dog

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Aug 1, 2015
We are now in search of a four post lift as our new barn/garage is about complete. We have been looking at Challenger, Advantage and DMS brands because we have seen them at a few shows. We prefer this style of lift mostly for storage, some car work. We are not going to do a two post lift given that it will be used more for storage than doing a ton of wheel work/maintenance. We will not have any vehicle on it more than the size of a GN, F150 or possible a mini van.

Wanting to know what to look for, pros and cons, any experience and comments. We have been looking at all the specs of these brands in similar products and are not seeing any clear differences. We have no experience with lifts.

Thank you for any input in this area.
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I have five "BackYard Buddy" lifts and do not like them. They are smaller dimensions, and make too much noise when used. I also have several Direct Lift four post, and like them for their availability, price & quality (however they are imported). Then lastly I have several Bendpak four posters and find that they are excellent (but more expensive).

If I had to only have one, that wins on most every facet, it is the Direct Lift.
I have 2 Direct Lift brand 4 posters in the garage. Bought them at Good Guys.

I cannot say one bad thing about them, except buy the taller one, I have one of each. The taller is 6 inches more. It's a BIG difference.

Bought them 2 years apart. Wish I had gone with the tall one when I bought the first one. It's not bad, but the taller one is WAY worth the extra few dollars.

Live and learn.
What is the reason for the tall one? Were you needing it for more head room when walking under it or more for a heavier or taller vehicle to put on it or under it? Thank you.