FPR question


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Jan 20, 2002
Well I took off my adjustable regulator and decided to try my 237 one, and I noticed that my pressure seems to be about 48lbs at idle w/ vac. line off (around 40 w/ line one.) Can this be? Car runs fine at is pressure. I have a Casper's gage that I bought several years ago and I did hit the braided line once against the alt.stud. Could the gage be bad?
I'd like to see the responses tool. I have a 237 and it reads 48 also with 2 different pressure gauges. I assumed that both gauges are wrong. I then bought an Accufab FPR, and the car had bad transitional knock even if I adjusted it to 48 as well. I put the 237 back on and forgot about it.
Mine was 48psi and I found that my Gage was +8 psi ! Try another Gage First..