Fresh Air Final for Chicagoland Chapter

Turbo Loyd

May 26, 2001
Our last race of the season is fast approaching on Sunday, 10/28/01 at Byron Dragway, Bryon, IL. All Buick-powered cars are welcome. This is just-for-fun for non-members, just-for-points for our club racers. Be sure to wear a goofy hat, since it's close to Halloween!
Loyd we will be there but i dont think the car will be running by then. Two weekends ago i broke the ring and pinnion the carrier and the yoke. As much as i hate to put ford parts on the car i think it is time for 9" ford rearend
I'll be there for the fun, the good cool air and the annual Halowwen Hearse races!:)
According to Sharri the track should open at about 8:30-9am and not to forget about the time rollback on sat. eve. but its always a good time. And Jay if you see this are you going to stop by. If so I'll be seeing you.:cool: