Fresh air system for my TTA.


Staff member
May 23, 2001
Need pictures and ideas on how to set up fresh air system for my TTA. Any help will be Greatly appreciated.

Rob Hinson
Dont have pixs yet...but I deleted the factory air box,deleted the plate under it(black metal),used a hole saw and punched a 3.5 inch diameter hole under where the plate goes.If the plate were to be put back couldnt see the hole.

I then got a 3 inch exhuast pipe turndown 45 degree and put that through the hole.Mounted my K&N under the front fender,relocated the vacuum ball under there,and mounted my cannister under the washer bottle.As a matter of fact my SMC alky kit fit perfect where the charcaol cannister use to be.

Secured the filter by drilling a couple of self tapping screws into its rubber from the top and used some thin rubber to prevent any metal-metal contact around the hole.

On top of that turndown,I attached my factory 90 degree elbow with the ATS on it,and attached the MAF to that..just like factory.