Fresh TE63 & downpipe


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Aug 13, 2005
I have a freshly rebuilt TE63 turbo with a 4 bolt turbonetics housing. It was rebuilt by innovate turbo in 2002 but never ran. The repair bill was $371. Will also include a 3/4 bolt adapter if wanted. The housing takes a 4-bolt on center downpipe & has provision on exh housing for bolt on wastegate. $350 plus shipping.

Matching downpipe, two peice, mild steel 3", new, but has some surface rust. $75 shipped.

Have to check but may have a wastegate available too.


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Good questions, It is not marked like precision housings, I would guess .81 A/R and I believe it's a p-trim. Maybe someone familiar with turbonetics stuff could chime in. T-4
looks bigger than a P-trim imo

can you take a close up of the turbine inlet side?
Exhaust wheel


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