From KM's to MPH??


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Hey guys, just came home with my new GN yesturday!! Long ride with around 450HP in the snow with bauld P215/65r15 tires for 8 hours!! But shes finally home. Anyways, this car has digital dash and the speedo is in KM for some reason. When I first started in the car, it was reading MPH but I was messing with the trip odometer and then noticed a little later after I got out of the car and back in that it was reading Klm. I dont know much about digital dashes but can you change it back somehow?? thanks in advance!! ---Jeremy


turn the trip odomoter button to the right (do not push) and you can change it back to mph.

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Three potential reasons the car does this:

1. The MEM fuse is open (it's the same one that keeps the radio stations in memory)
2. Defective processor board on the digital dash. You will know this is the problem if the KM and MPH altenate every time you turn on the key. In other words, turn on the key, it's on MPH, turn it off, and on again, it's KPH, and keeps repeating itself over and over like that.
3. Bad connection between the MEM circuit and the digital dash plug-in at the cluster.

Any questions you have regarding digital dashes on the Regals, we're here.

OK, I did try to turn the trip knob to the right and nothing has changed???? Still on KM's. GNVenom, could you please send me an e-mail at so I could get a little more in depth with this? Is this a common problem? Thank you!
Actually, nevermind GNVenom, I just went out to try it again and it worked!!! But, if it does switch back, that is the problem! We'll wait and see!! -----Jeremy