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What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
anyone ever think of doing a front mount intercooler for the v2 intake? what kind of gains over the regular kit? do they sell a v2 front mount kit? like a persicon front mount?

Jay at Turbo Motion can build you anything your heart desires...

A few of us out there have the V2 Spearco setup.

The basic V2 setup alone has shown to be a low 12 second setup in initial testing. Your looking at 11's with a front mount.
Or you can get a stretch, and not have cooling problems, or extra weight in front of the wheels. Stretched stockers have been proven to work all the way in the 9's.

I would love to do a stock location stretch IC like the the V4R with the rest of the kit parts. Boy that would be really sweet. Like Louie said I have done the kit with a spearco front mount and I have also done a "poor mans" front mount with 2 stock IC's welded side by side. I have not tested either of the @ IC's mentioned but believe they both will perform well. I have never meet or spoken to Tony D. so we have never discussed the inclusion of one of his bad boy IC's. Maybe one day the chance will araise.
Just curious......

Any one have a stock 86-87 intercooler matted to their hot air motor?
Ive got my stock intercooler Boost231 can use if it a simple bolt on.