Front seal(?) question....


Gota dubl u e 4
Jan 1, 2008
Noticed on my car from the front of the trans there seems to be fluid dripping from behind the T converter.I assume theres a seal where the snout enters the pump?and if so is it replaceable? Also the TV cable I believe is at max adjustment.Shifts firm as hell,but at times you'll have to lift your foot slightly off the gas to drop into 4th,not always though.Could that be a sign of a weak pump?Would rather slide the trans back one time and do it right,than have to go back in.Thanks!
You'll have to pull the transmission to change the front seal. The TV cable needs to be adjusted.
If the pump doesn't have a casting number of 690

make sure the pump bushing hasn't walked foward blocking the seal drain. I'd hate for you to put in a new seal and still have a problem.