Front spring selection for a drag racing application

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FWIW about longer springs, in the new episode of Street Outlaws at 10:20 into the episode you can see Farmtruck talking about putting longer springs on the truck for more weight transfer.

But, just like some of the other guys in this thread have stated, you may not need a ton of spring. It really is going to depend on your individual setup.

I just thought it was interesting to see that even these dudes on Street Outlaws are talking about the same kinda stuff we are :)

and yes, I should be working right now... but I listen to episodes of SO while I work :p
Here are the results I got from AFCO, these are their BNC front shocks. They dyno'd the shocks at fully tight compression and fully tight extension and then fully loose compression and fully loose extension. Files names shock1 & shock2 are the results from the same shock, shock3 & shock4 are the other shock


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Just an update, I chose 18-225 springs through santhuff (manufactured by Landrum). When at the track, I feel I'll have enough control on the extension and compression with my afco da bnc shocks to make the launch effective, efficient, and be safe on the top end. I'll be racing on the street quite a bit too, where prep will be nonexistent, so that's where I see the most benefit in having these softer and taller springs to give me more weight transfer if need be. For cruising purposes, again through my shocks, I anticipate having enough control to make the ride comfortable.

I ran across a link to the homepage to thank link a while back, but I figured it had changed hosts since its suspension talk days (it was a pretty old thread I found it in) being it had some bible sections too lol. Nonetheless great info there, ill be sure to read up when I get the chance to tonight

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