Front stock height springs


Feb 14, 2010
Anyone know best drag spring for front and part #?
See several in moog and not sure which is best
Mine are sagging and wheels rub on occasion now

Mainly street and strip car but more interested in drag than street manners

The last discussion I read was stick to the stock springs. The drag springs were too unstable on the street. 5606 is the equivalent p.n.
I have some drag springs, very weird stuff happens on corners and street driving and I had to remove them, also they are awful to install as they are way tall and you have to remove and cut them a few times to set ride height etc

I put the stock ones back in a couple years ago, the get a little lower every year, now i have to drive with skinnys up front so i will prob just get some stock ones back in
i dont mind it that low at track but on street i have to park in a different lot at work because robust speed bumps scrape air dam
i think these old springs are losing a half inch a year lately
I just put on the Moog 5606 a few months ago and they're perfectly stock height & ride quality.