FS: 87 g-body frame


May 5, 2004
for sale: 1987 g-body frame with rolling chassis (front and rear suspension and no body). None of the holes are rusted through and is in very nice shape. This is off a 67k mile car that was chopped due to floor rot. I have the title for this car/frame if it is needed. $300.00 NOTE: The car must be sold this week or i will cut off the frame rails and scrap the rest due to space limitations in my yard......Dave 203-623-6516 located in central CT 06492
is it from a gn? does it have fuel and brake lines?do you have any pics? might be interested..joel
re:frame origin

The frame is not from a grand national. All g body frames are the same so there is no difference. It had an NA 3.8 in it so the engine frame mounts are the same. If you are doing a frame up resto i would put new one piece fuel and brake lines in. Are you looking for pictures of every frame mounting holes? Do you have zip file capability? thats like 14 pictures not including the underside of the rear rails. This frame is not rotted at all anywhere. Keep in mind this has to be gone by the end of the week so if it isnt picked up and gone i will just cut off the frame rails. I am trying to keep my neighbors from having to look at my junk cars any longer than neccessary and dont want to get cited for a junk vehicle on my property...Dave