FS 87 GN Ttop 42,500 miles and HP Parts For Sale


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Aug 4, 2004
Selling my 87 GN Ttop with 42,500 original miles. Asking $15,000. Thought I'd offer it here first before trying the ebay thing. This car is MINT in and out!! I'm selling because I never drive it. The car has less then $1000 miles on it in the past 7 yrs (most of those were to car shows and back). I'm the third owner and bought it from my bud in Sept 2004. He bought it in Canada 3 yrs prior to that. He went to Canada to pick it up and trailered it back to the States. If you are a serious buyer, I can put you in touch with him as well, to answer any questions you may have. The car is originally from Canada and the odometer is in Kilometers. The car has always been in a heated garage for the last 7 yrs. My bud and I are both car nuts, so I guarantee you won't be dissappointed. You won't find one better for the money and miles, I'm assuring that!!

The only things done to it are: K&N, fuel regulator, boost by-pass, RA 93 chip, 3" single shot exhaust, engine tie down, air bags, rear braces, tons of chrome under the hood, custom hood pad, and 3 gauges (boost, oil, water). Everything else is original.

VIN#: 1G4GJ1170HP457063

I will send pics to whoever wants them. Just email me here or at bill44143@yahoo.com

Parts For Sale:
I had big plans to turn this car into an 11 sec killer, but could never find the time to get to it. So I'm selling these parts, which I've been collecting for the past 3 yrs for that day to start building it. It's not going to happen now, so they're up for sale.

1) NEW - Mease 15 Row Stretch Intercooler 3" BIG NECK (new design) flows more air includes custom aluminum shroud fits w/front sway bar and stock IC brackets includes adapter hose and clamps new ready to drop in fits 86-87 TRs - $550 plus shipping
2) NEW – 8445 Heads and matched Intake (Bob Morraele @ Precision Porting and Coating) 980 springs @ 105 lbs, O-ringed, Valves, etc. - $800 plus shipping
3) NEW - THDP 3” Stainless Steel Downpipe - $315 plus shipping
4) USED - Limited Engineering TE45A Turbo (.63 Precision housing) - $725 plus shipping (bought from Rob Nolan with 500 miles and 20 track passes on it).
5) NEW – Comp Cam 206/206 (i.e. Weber Cam) - Part # 69-000-5 - $150 plus shipping
6) NEW - Walbro 255 lbs Fuel Pump - $100 plus shipping
7) NEW – 160 degree TStat - $10
8) USED – PTE 65 lbs. Low Impedence Injectors - $205 plus shipping
9) NEW – VOLT Booster - $25
10) NEW – Spark Plug Wires (Quad Air) - $25
I want the plug wires, Also interested in the down pipe.... how much for shipping to 85234. can paypal

Still have the heads, cam and fuel pump. I want to move this stuff, so make offers. I've been to lazy to get these up on ebay, plus I'd really like this stuff to go to TB members.

Thanks for the fast shipping on the parts.
The TH down pipe is gorgess and the wires are brand new like you said.
It has been great dealing with you on this board. I'ts to bad your getting out of Turbo Buicks. PM me your bottom dollar on the parts you have left.

Thank You
Comp Cam 206/206 (i.e. Weber Cam) - Part # 69-000-5. Go to Comp Cams and look up the part #. All the info you need should be there. Let me know if you need more and I'll try to provide. I can send the spec sheet to you that came with the cam if you PM me your email.