FS: HKS VPC complete kit


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May 2, 2005
The following is a Universal VPC that works with any chip (for any car). With the current chips, it works on turboed 2jz-ge engines and 7mgte supras. For those of you that don't know, this allows you to convert your car to speed-density mode, thereby eliminating the restrictive (and sometimes unreliable) Mass Air Flow Sensor and helping you gain about +30rwhp because of less restrictive intake air flow.

This HKS Vein Pressure Controller kit with these chips will work perfectly for adding a turbo to a 2JZ-GE car AND work perfectly for any 7mgte Supra cars. I was going to use it for my car, but the map-ecu ended up working, so I never installed this HKS VPC kit.

HKS VPC kit with 550cc injector chip (already installed) and extra stock 7mgte injector chip
--> includes wiring diagrams, all accessories including full MKIII harness! Accessories include IAT sensor, boost pressure sensor, original box, etc. Nothing is cut and everything works PERFECTLY :)
Everything is in like new condition

Price: $600 shipped

I do not check pms, so please email me :).