Fuel pump alternatives?

What are the popular alternatives to the ACDelco 25116164 fuel pump? I know they are still available; but I seem to have a problem not driving my car enough and it seems to kill my fuel pumps as it sits for a year or two.​

My car does not have much for upgrades. Just a mild chip, no cat, flow master exhaust, 237 fuel regulator K&N filter with stock intake and Casper's hotwire fuel pump kit.

I was looking at Oreily's and they have two versions. I don't think the one would be adequate enough and the other would flow too much as it's meant for about 500Hp.

Years ago I know there was a Walbro fuel pump replacement and not sure what the part # is anymore.


I did a quick search and it looks like the walbro GSS340 (255 lph) pump is what your after.
The Deatschwerks DW200 (255lph) will go in the stock hanger by making the hole round instead of oval.

You’re on the right track with the hot wire kit.
Nope. Should be pretty damn close to plug & play. You say you have a Hotwire so that’s good.
Installed the Walbro fuel pump about 3 weeks ago, but had to change the terminals on the short wire harness in the tank. Thanks.
If the car is going to be sitting for a long time and you know it, you need to have ethanol free gas in the tank and use a stabilizer before you park it each time. Water and varnish will take out that Walbro, too.