Fuel pump for mostly stock 87 gn?


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Mar 31, 2014
Hey everyone, I need to replace the tired original fuel pump on my 87 gn and thought I'd ask for suggestions for my set up. Its a mostly original stocker with the tt 5.7 chip , translator and ls1 maf. 43 psi fuel regulator, adj boost actuator and scan master. I have no plans to race it , its just a street cruiser. Prefer reliability , but open to suggestion. I planned to keep it stock but Lets hear your thoughts.?
The walbro 340 (255 L) and the racetronix 255 L pumps are a direct fit replacement.

The Deatschwerks DW200 (255 L) pump is a popular replacement that requires some modifications to the hanger. The Deatschwerks pumps are round on the bottom instead of oval and otherwise fit well.

The Deatschwerks pumps are a popular choice for those running E-85 and may be a consideration if E-85 is in your future.

I don't know how fast you can run a 255 L pump on E-85 or what injectors are required so please do your research if so inclined.

Maybe someone will pop on here and tell us all about it.

It is a must to install a Hotwire kit as well for reliability. Bad things happen when the voltage drops at the pump and the engine is starved for fuel. With today's tech we can safely run more boost out of our stockers and a good pump with good voltage is a must, but I think you already knew that.
Thanks for the advice. I plan to add the hot wire kit as well as a new tank.
I went with the dw200 in mine. I just attached it to the hanger with hose clamps and went from there. The "sock" is a one time thing so don't install it to the pump before you get the pump on the hanger.