Fuel rail cap


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Hey guys just need to see if anybody has a cap off of their fuel rail. I also need the end piece that threads into the end of the fuel rail. The cap screws onto that end piece. Most people probably throw these away when they put their fuel pressure gauges on but I am taking my FP gauge off the car so I need one!! Thanks guys!! ----Jeremy
You can get these off of any car made with an R-12 AC system. (aka, before 93)
While you're at the junkyard scoring a few fuel rail caps, grab a few extra throttle body linkage clips off about any GM fuel injected vehicle and use them on your wastegate actuator.
If you want to be PC, or at least have the original style cap you will have to get it off of a Buick 3.8 or 3800. They are the only engines that used the big beefy Bosch type cap. All of the other GM FI engines used Rochester fuel rails which used a cheap plastic or aluminum cap.
Yeah, I was hoping somebody had one laying around! If anybody has a cap and fitting for the end of the fuel rail let me know thanks!! -----Jeremy