Fuel System For Ta-54


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will a walbro 340 hotwired with 40 lb injectors be enough for this turbo? a TA-54

PTE's web site claim's 63-72lb's are recommended.....I personally wouldn't run it with anything less than 50's.
If you were running the 54 to it's max potential then you would need the huge injectors. With my old combo it took ~25psi boost for the car to start leaning out with the 42.5s and I had a TA64 turbo. It really depends on the airflow of your motor, not just the turbo size. You can push the 40s to the lower 11s. Do you think your car will run that fast?
I was running the 55# injectors and a walbro 307 with my 54. It was running lean on the top end at 23psi in vegas (95% DC commanded by the chip, 45psi base FP). I was seeing 720 o2's all throough 3rd gear. I am going to a big-ass external pump now.....

The 54 is a nice turbo with the right fuel system.