Fuel tank ideas

ff2 emtb

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OK, need some opinions or suggestions. I am working on my GN fuel system getting ready for my Stage motor. Here is my dilema. Do I:

1. Buy a sump kit and sump the stock tank

2. Buy some sort of fuel cell and put it in the trunk (least desirable)

3. Try and find one of Tonys stock location gas tanks that he only made a few of before disappearing?

4. Say to hell with it and sell the damn car its costing me too much money!

Ideally I'd love to get one of Tony's tanks..they looked great! Course I'm also kinda suprised that someone else hasn't started making them. I'm open to any and all ideas!

Alphaenvirmgmt, is selling one(Tonys) on the for sale board . The wheel well cell is made by Metco , Ramchargers sells them also . its 7.5 gallons .