Fuel tank in a 1992 GMC Jimmy ?


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
Greetings all,

I had to replace the tank in my 1992 GMC Jimmy 4X4 (SLE), the one between the frame rails.

How in the heck do tighten the feed and return lines at the top of the tank ? When I dropped the old tank , The passenger side came down first and I used wrenches to loosen them (they where not very tight, but that joint was not leaking, The Tank was leaking @ the seam). but they also had the weight of the tank (Empty) on them and I do not want to do that again.

Any how , I fought with it all afternoon and the only why I could reconnect them was to but the tank in place , I was able to get my hand in the hand tighten them, But how in the heck do you get a wrench in there ?

The GN was never this difficult to work on. :)