Fuel Tank mods


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Dec 22, 2014
I have owned my GN about 8 years and the fuel pump has been getting louder so I decided to drop the tank for the first time. First thing I noticed was it has two pump harnesses. One is male and the other is female and it has four hoses and two fuel pumps and each pump has it on outlet. Only one was connected. Most double pumpers have seen had only one outlet.
Looks like you probably dodged a bullet with that old pump set up . Pull the hanger out and lets see what you have in there . Is there a hot wire set up , if not plan on getting one .
Old school home made set up.
You could re-hab it with new pumps and new wiring (racetronix sells double pumper bulkhead harnesses) or just go with an all new setup.
I removed the fuel pumps finally and it had a couple of Walbro 255 lph and only one was connected. Since there was a little corrosion on float sensor I will probably just replace the unit.