fuel test connector chevy 99' Blazer


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May 27, 2001
I know this should not be on here, but- its Sunday, dealers closed and I am in a pinch. Fuel pump not coming on. I have it down to the relay or pump. Before I pull the tank, I would like to try the test connector. Any of you tech guru's know where that connector is located? If this is deleted- I would understand. Larry
I dont know if the newrer models 96+ still have test plugs on them? You could always jumper power to the relay plug and power the pump directly. If it doest run take a large rubber mallet and hit the bottom of the fuel tank,works kinda like and bad starter needs a little help to get rollin. if the pump takes off when hit it needs to be replaced>
Just dug through the books for my '98 Blazer, don't know if it's the same as yours though. I would bet it is. Fuel pump relay is in the fuse/relay center. Under the hood, top of left inner fender. Pull cover off and look at the inside of the cover for the relays exact location. 1st, check the 20A "ECM B" fuse to the left of the relay. The fuse provides power for the FP through the relay contacts, pins 87 & 30. There is also a redundant path through the oil pressure sender. Pins 85 & 86 on the relay is the coil. On mine, there is a slot in the plastic housing towards the lower left corner of the relay. Between the relay and the "TRL PRK" fuse. It looks like that is the fuel pump prime connector. There about 6 relays in there that are the same. You might try switching the headlight relay for the FP relay and see what happens. I also sent a scan of that page in my manual to your aol address...