full set of Ultra-Lite gauges

Tom Tom Turbo

Turbo Goes Woo Woo
Jul 10, 2002
I have a complete set of Ultra-Lite gauges from my T Type for sale. These are about a year and a half old and are in excellent shape, no scratches on the face or bezels, always kept very clean. I am selling because I want to go with Cobalts instead. Because of this, the Ultra-Lites will come with new, unopened install kits that came with my new Cobalts.


2 1/16 mechanical 30 vac/20 boost gauge
2 1/16 electric 0-100 oil psi
2 1/16 electric water temp 100-250
2 1/16 electric voltmeter 8-18V

I paid $240 for these, I will sell for $185 shipped, sorry I do not have paypal.

Thanks for looking!
yes, they will include the new senders that come with the gauges.

I don't have a digital camera to send pics, but if you search for ultra lite on E-bay or go to jegs or summit's website, you can easily see what they look like.
are these full sweep or 90* ? i may be interested the only one i dont need is the boost gaugemyybe someone else on here is looking for just a boost ?