Full Width Air Dam front spoiler


Jan 18, 2003
Here's a description of the spoiler:

Full width ONE-PIECE air dam for those of you running front mount intercoolers! Hides the pipes that hang down giving your car more of a stealth look. This is a made from scratch piece that has been in development for months and is finally available. The dam is approximately 1" lower to the ground than the stock air dams and has a small lip at the bottom. Looks similar to the material used on the original air dams. It is made of high tensile strength Polycarbonate plastic with korad. The korad gives the plastic ultra violet light protection so it will resist fading. Unlike fiberglass, this material has some give like the stock air dams in case you hit a parking curb.

I had this on my T-Type for under 2,000 miles. Still in great condition. It has a small crack around one of the bolt holes, where I tightened the bolt down too hard. You can see the crack in one of the pictures. You can't even see the crack when it is on the car.

Asking $125 plus shipping. If paying thru PayPal, please add 3%

I am PayPal verified and have 100% positive feedback on ebay with over 290 feedbacks. If you have any questions or need a specific photo please shoot me an email or PM and I'll get back with you ASAP.




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If everyone else passes I will buy it. If it gets to me please let me know and I can paypal you the money. Thanks