Funny shifting after converter install, please help

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Ok let me apologoze for the length here, I just want to make sure that I include all relevant info.

I got this car about 6 months ago, in need of an engine freshening. The trans seemed to not like going into drive or reverse in the morning cold. As soon as it warmed up it was fine. After having the engine done the trans was great, it even shifted into drive and reverse when it was cold with no problems at all.

Now three months later I install a 2800 stall converter (with lockup). The first few days fine no problems. Now all of the sudden here is what it does : Start from a dead stop (under light throttle) , it will shift into second at about 15mph and it seems to lock right away, then it shifts into third at about 20 almost stalling the engine. It will shift into fourth gear normally at about 45mph. Then if you bring it down to a stop it just about stalls the motor out (seems that the converter is staying locked). Just before it stalls out you can feel the converter unlock. If you leave under heavy throttle the shift points seem to be normal, but it still locks almost instantly upon hitting second gear. I do have a lockup switch installed which I know is wired correctly. I can make it lockup via the switch.

I have made the tv cable adjustment several times to insure that it is correct.

Can anyone help me out ?!?!

VERY common problem.

You have a cranky TCC solenoid that doesn't wan't to release properly. Happens all the time.

It's easy to replace by pulling the pan.
"cranky TCC solenoid that doesn't wan't to release properly"

and thats the truth............PPplLLLLTTTHHHHH!!!!
(Lily Tomlin)


Ok great, now I guess my next question is where to get one and how to install it.

Thanks a million for the help though, I thought it might be time to pull it and build it (which the wallet won't allow right now)

Hell, tcc is 20 bucks and an afternoon. Man, don't condem it till you have tried the "labor and time " intensive approach. 35.00 tops for all, and kills an afternoon. Besides, at least it beats a honey-do day :)

I don't mind the honey do days , as I am still early on in the relationship : )

So then I should be able to go to any local dealer and order the solenoid ? Anything else special that I need besides the solenoid, filter, pan gasket, and fluid ?

Thanks again !!

Order one for a 89 chevrolet pick up short bed 1/2 ton 2wd. 350 motor/ 700r4 trans
then splice the two wires into your harness. You will need two 1/4 " washers to go under bolts. No big deal and very easy to do. Like I said Time.... and if you enjoy honey-do's so much , come over here and I'm sure she ( my wife) has a list. Wait 21 more years ,........ then tell me how much you enjoy them:) :):): ROFL

Ok will do !! What time do you want me over ;)

Thanks for the help, and with any amount of luck I'll be all set.

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Order one for a 89 chevrolet pick up short bed 1/2 ton 2wd. 350 motor/ 700r4 trans

This is what we all should be using in our 200-4R's? I need one too so I want to clarify. Thanks Bud. I owe you a Grape Gatorade :p
funny shifting after converter install

Chris, I have the adapters that help in the installation of the longer 700 filters. If you send me your address, I'll send you some. They consist of the 2 studs and 2 nuts that come with the Fitz-All solenoids. I have about 7 sets so let me know.
funny shifting after converter install

OOOPS, I meant to say solenoids. (rough night with the GN last night)