Fuseable link in the alternator charge wire?

Joe 1320

Torqueus Maximus
Feb 28, 2002
The battery wasn't charging yesterday, thought it was a bad alternator but turns out that the alternator charge wire came apart. Upon closer examination, the wire failed about a foot and a half down from the alternator as it made a turn to go under the engine. Upon even closer examination, it looked like this was a possible fuseable link or a previously spliced connection that corroded. Is there supposed to be a fuseable link in that location?
Replace flimsy #10 wire with #4 & you'll be glad you did.

Many posts about this - do a search.
Replace flimsy #10 wire with #4 & you'll be glad you did.

Many posts about this - do a search.

Actually, mine was already 8 gauge and the auto parts store didn't have any replacement so I ran two 10 gauge wires in parallel. I think that should be suffecient.
I currently have the stock 8 gauge wire on my alternator but was wondering if I could just run a 10 gauge wire along with the 8 gauge back to the battery?..Would that hurt it at all?
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Call John at Caspers electronic and get the postive battery extender kit with a 4 guage wire going from junction box to back of alternater its a great upgrade you can hear the fuel pump humming a sweet tune worth the $92 bucks:D
You mean the fusible link extender kit with junction box?... I have that kit and it makes changing fusible links a blast...The wire that runs to the alternator is still 8 gauge though...not 4 gauge...unless you are talking about a different kit
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Just tell John at Caspers you want a 4 guauge wite going from the junction box to the alt he will make for you! I know bigger isnt always better but in this case it is:biggrin: