G-Body Parts & Brian Weaver - Much Thanks!!


Jul 9, 2001
Can't say enough good things about Brian and his company, G-Body Parts. Brian has gone way out of his way to help me obtain a custom set of front and rear seat covers for my Lear Siegler seat install in my '87 Grand National. Brian even offered to help me sort out the pile of rusty power seat tracks I have to construct one working set ... He has been very responsive and exceptionally patient with my questions, and offered mucho advice and insight based on his years of experience and passion for these cars. Once I'm closer to having these seats installed, I'll post up some pics of the finished product in a new thread in the right place.
Thank you so much Brian ... I couldn't do this project without you!!
John Alvarez, Turbohh
I agree, while some people have issues with Gbody parts or Brian, I have the utmost respect for him, I bought some window sweeps for my Grand Prix, I didn't get them installed right away, so like a year later, went to install them, and low and behold, they don't fit, contacted Brian, he confirmed that I purchased the wrong ones, he sent me the correct ones, overnight shipping, no charge, and didn't want the other set back. That is what I consider GREAT customer service, he didn't have to send new ones, could have told me, you screwed up, it's a year after you bought them, but didn't, showed actuall concern that I ordered the wrong parts, and even called me the next day to make sure that I had the correct ones in hand, you just don't find that nowadays from a vendor.
Agreed. He has always been straight up with me as well. I ordered a vacuum block from him and by mistake he sent me the wrong vacuum block, so I called them that day and within 3 days, I received the correct vacuum block, plus he threw in a XL Gbodyparts.com t-shirt at no charge.