G-Force transmission


Pelennor Fields
Feb 8, 2004
Can someone explain to me how this transmission works? The write up on it states "The G-101 is primarily used for drag racing only, but can also be used in street/strip vehicles". Does it require a clutch? Does it function like a TH400 or does it function like a Liberty? Here is the link: G-Force Transmissions and Long Shifters
A liberty is usually pro shifted with welded on dog rings and machined sliders for drag racing. The G-force race transmissions are usually face engagement for drag racing but some can be had with regular synchro assemblies for street use. That one in the link is a bad a$$ unit. G-force has some top notch manual stuff. It will require a clutch for street use and launching at the strip. If face engagement is used it can be shifted without the clutch at wot but is a lot easier if the clutch is hit a little on shifts.
So does it function like a TH400 if the non clutch version is used? I think Anderson had a Liberty and I realize those cant be shifted back to a lower gear until one stops or completely slows down so it obviously has no street usage. Im still a little fuzzy on how this unit works without a clutch.

Some of their units state that they can be used for road racing so im assuming they can be downshifted. Can this unit be downshifted while on the move?