Garage Squad


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Oct 16, 2009
This morning going through the Direct TV channels and I saw the Garage Squad Show will display a 1987 Buick Grand National restoration. According to Direct TV menu this was once shown on 8/24/16, and it will be Aired again on 9/7/16 at 6:00pm (Vel) channel #281 for 30min.
Yea it was good show. It was another thread about it a couple days ago

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They basically did a spring cleaning with a new turbo. IMO, The show is a bit misleading for rookie owners as they never talked about the chip and monitoring kr on a fairly untested build?

People will be watching the show, do what they did, and come here to ask how to replace the hg and crank. Lol
I was supprided they didn't find someone who knows something about turbo buicks to be a guest.