gas pedal getting stuck


Nov 5, 2006
yo Tbers!

i have an 84 gn and i have a question about my gas pedal. everytime i start the car after letting it sit overnight, it seems like the gas pedal gets stuck and i have to step on hit to release it. i have to press the gas pedal down a little harder and it feels like im unsticking it from being stuck. after that first step it never happens again unitl i let the car sit over night again. has anyone experienced this? is it a problem and how and what to fix it if is? any help is appreciated.
Try disconnecting the cable from the throttle body and then check to see if it's binding. It's also possible it's the throttle body shaft, some carb cleaner couldn't hurt.
look for frayed cable

I experienced a stuck throttle intermitantly, finally found frayed cable,
was scary, as it would stick while driving!