Gauge Pod Holder


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I've looked into the available gauge holders, but I don't like any of them. I would love to see some sort of gauge pod holder that:

  • mounts on top of the dash (were it can be seen while driving)
  • holds three 2" gauges
  • can be attached and removed with damaging anything
  • is NOT an A-pillar holder (too ricey)
  • and of cource is HIGH quality and LOW cost ;)

I found a simple black plastic "project box" at Radio Shack that measures 6"x3"x2" that is close to what I need. It holds two gauges, but they don't fit exactly right. A box measureing ~8"x3"x2.25" would be perfect.
I kinda like that, but if I rememeber right, it wasn't low cost (~$100?). Something like that but without the covering.
I'm in need of a larger gauge pod also, I have one of the console 2 gauge holder(in the spot under hte radio), and i like the factory look of it(gray plastic and not some metal one), but if someone would make one like that but with 4 slots instead of 2 would be perfect for what i'm looking for.