Gbody A arms & Upper ball joint HELP!!!


True love
Jun 21, 2005
Anybody out there know how the Ball joint installs into G body's tubular UCA's???

I need to know if the flange on the BJ sits on top of the A arm or under the arm:p

I'm already mad enough because I used a combination wrench on the nuts to get them off... and after 1½ hours of slow wrenching, I see that I could've lifted the A arm and used my Impact.... DOOOHHH!!!.

SO I want to make sure I get the joints right:tongue: :tongue:

Hey Brian,
Quick Q on the arms. Can a 1 degree positive shaft be gotten. The alignment shop couldn't get the split they needed and couldn't finish the alignment.

I just got back from the alignment shop too, and have the same problem with the Pass side. It's sitting -1.3° when correct is -0.3° to 1.3°. That's with no shims.

The shop checked my ride height and found that it's sagging, said new springs would bring up the height and probably drop that back within specs(they lifted that side a bit and it fell into spec).

The Drivers side is at 1.0°... right on the money.

Just giving you something else to check.
I didn't have any problems but I also installed 1.5" drop springs at the same time so maybe that was the reason. The alignment shop had no problems other than adding shims.