getting lots of KR with new chip

I just switched from Thrasher 92 to a turbotweak 93+alky chip and my KR is 7-10 degrees with only 17psi on my TTA. I ran the thrasher up to 23psi with my alky pump set at half gain and got zero KR. Now I'm getting bad knock on anything past 16psi with the alky knob at full gain.

I cranked the alky initial knob to the max and still got knock. However, I seem to only get knock with my ATS reads "hot"...
When the car first reaches 170 F after warming up I can go WOT with no knock. Is the ECM really leaning up the fuel/air when it goes "hot"?

02's are still in the 800's when knocking, my FP is 47psi line off.
blm and int are close to 128.

You should talk to Eric, He is a great guy! and would be the one to talk to concerning his chip and maybe he can re-adjust it. He done one for me and it worked out gerat and now I passed it on to a freind and he loves it. good luck