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Mar 21, 2002
i need some advice from the buick board on women instead of cars this time

i hooked up with a girl i've known for a while last saturday (met her at college), yesterday i made the effort to drive out to her place 30minute drive, i took her to get coffee and a movie, she didnt offer to foot the bill, and she didnt say thanks!! this girl is absolutely gorgeous, but still... it bothers me that she didnt say thanks, or at least offer to pay.

i wonder if she just expects guys to pay her way

any thoughts?
i wouldnt take it to heart... If she didnt offer to pay she may have just assumed that you wer going to pay (as the guy)..

In my experience... or at least as far as most girls I know, most kind of expect the guy to pay at least for the first few dates and then if things go further offer to share dating costs. Whetehr or not i think thats the right thing for them to do is a different story...

as for not saying thanks... maybe she did it differently.... like, did she kiss you???
If you asked her out... I would assume she thought you were going to pay also.

Unless she has **** for manners or doesn't want you to ask her out again... maybe she forgot to thank you?
What is the matter with you.It has always been the mans place to pay for the date.If he can't he aint much of a man.Look dude,if you want her to give you the good stuff;) gotta pay for it.You either rent it(hooker),lease it(girlfriend) or buy it(wife).In other words you get what you pay for.Of course she didnt say thanks.She could go get coffee and a movie by herself.You have to do something for her that no other man has done if you want to impress her.Then if she doesnt appreciate it,put your pimp hand down.....J/K LOL.But you really should be thanking her for her company.Women unlike men have waaaaaay more opportunities to go out with the opposite sex than we do.They get it everywhere they go.
she did kiss me!.... it sill bugs me that she didnt say thank you

it may be a stupid reason to stop dating her, but... i like people who are more considerate

especially having made the effort

last night she asked if i wanted to go out to her cousin's house for a party tonight, when i left i kissed her, but i never said if i would call her, and never asked that she call me

do i call or not?
YES! call a man,not a timid boy.Take what you want.They like men to pursue them aggressively most times.If you don't call some one else will.
on a different note

theres a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL for sale right down the street from my house, it is owned by an old lady, always garaged and only has 20,000 miles, i looked at the car today, its absolutely gorgeous, she told me she was trading it in for a new lexus monday if she didnt sell it, shes only had it out on weekends for the past couple weeks, she wants $8,000 for it, mind you this car is like brand new, i'm thinking $8,000 for a 3000GT with leather and 20k miles isnt all that bad a deal, so i might go buy it
Originally posted by 1987BuickGrandN
i need some advice from the buick board on women instead of cars this time

Are you kidding?? It's the other way around... strange if someone asks for advice on cars. But women... it's an every week thread. Should be a seperate forum!

As for your problems. I don't see them as a problem YET! Key word. Sure, go out with her for a few times. Feel the water. Things may get going and the manners and everything else may come around. I don't blame you for not wanting a stuck up girl that thinks she's a queen and deserves the world. She should have manners. But don't kill it off so easily. See what happens. That's the fun part about dating... get to try it before ya buy it.

I like the reference to rent, lease and buy... that was funny!:D
Thats girl trouble ????? Boy you are in deep , she didnt say thank you . What are you nuts ? You took here for coffee and a movie . WOW thats some date big spender , then your buying an $8000 4000lb rice P.O.S . Your killing me here . STOP THE MADNESS ! NOW !
No (Thanks) at the end of the date... I would start looking for another girl...:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Big Deal....

I dont always say (excuse me) on my first dates when I (FART)...

Well, typically on a first or second date --- the man is supposed to pay ... that may be why she didn't offer to pay. It does surprise me that she did not show appreciation ... she may have thought she did say "thank you" ... I'd give her another chance -- could have been an honest mistake. Keep in mind .. just because she is beautiful does not mean she expects everything to be handed to her ... that is not a fair assumption. Good luck with it ... and keep us posted on what happens. Take care!
Originally posted by galoush
Thats girl trouble ????? Boy you are in deep , she didnt say thank you . What are you nuts ? You took here for coffee and a movie . WOW thats some date big spender , then your buying an $8000 4000lb rice P.O.S . Your killing me here . STOP THE MADNESS ! NOW !

Coffee and a movie sounds nice ---
Unless it's a VR4 I would not mess with it and unless she thanks you on the next date I would not mess with her. Remember that there are tons of better cars & tons of better women ;)
why does this sound like something i'd see on seinfield? i see this and just think of the man hands thing. so she didn't say thanks. did you tell her thanks first? i'd give her another shot, and give her oppertunities to do stuff, if you say thanks, peopel will usually say thanks back. i wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

now if she just sets there and doesn't pay any attention to you and orders the most expensive thing on the menu there might be a problem.
She didn't say thanks?

Well did she say she had a nice time, or that she enjoyed herself? If so then she did say thanks.

The fact that you have even talked to her since shows that she appreciated it.

It is traditional for the man to pay anyways so why are you requiring verbal gratification for doing what most people expect? Did you say thanks when the waitress took your order for coffee? What about the person that gave you your movie tickets? Or the guy that took them and returned the stubs?

If we say thank you to everyone who does something that society deems the norm and expected then when someone goes out of their way what do we say to them?

BTW, Renting is the cheapest followed by leasing, too much depriciation when you buy:D :D
lol, i bought my wife a brand new 2004 cavi and she told me to make sure it was clean.. and thats all she told me so i took that as a thank you...but just because she dont say thank you dont mean that she is rude she may have forgot or something along those lines...:)