Give me your honest opinion of what my car is worth.


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Apr 28, 2014
Before I start, I'm NOT looking for the " it's only worth what someone is willing to pay " response. I get that...
I was at a car show tonight, and the Promoter was approached by the Restaurant Mgr. as to who owned the Grand National outside. A patron who was having dinner wanted to buy my car. I walked inside to scout out this " potential buyer " . It was a younger guy, so I kinda discounted this situation as a " dreamer who wanted a GN " I told the Mgr. I would talk to him, and I just walked back outside to the show. I was walking around, an about an hour later here coms the Mgr. and the potential buyer looking for me. "This guy wants to buy your car" so I told him $25k and thought he would walk away....Nope, he wants to go get a better look at my car, and hear it run. So I start it up, talk about some of the work I have done.. new paint, fender trim, headlight bezels, corner lights, tail lights, weather stripping, windshield, complete coil over suspension, brakes, steering, seats, steering wheel, carpet, headliner, door panels, carpet trunk, tires, wheels, battery, under hood detailing, radiator, hoses, etc. He says he has the money in his pocket... and sure enough he does! So at this point my mindset goes from " I'm just showing off my car... to I might be selling my car". This guy wants to come over tomorrow and pick it up! So my question to you guys is... HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK MY CAR IS WORTH??? I was not looking to sell, I love my GN. I have not added up my receipts, so I do not know how much I have in it. Would I be leaving money on the table ?? Check my signature for the basics. It has 99,000 miles and I am the 5th owner. It has no rust, and a new driver quality paint job. Thanks for HONEST answers.
25k is a bargain for that car. Be hard to replace it for that.

BTW the car in your avatar is sitting in my garage.:cool:
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can you post up some better pictures of the interior?
would like to see the console and front seats.

BTW DO NOT DISCUSS Any security system in/on the car until money and title exchange. you never know.
Also in my opinion meet somewhere public to show him more of the car. Maybe a police station. Do NOT invite anyone over to your house to take a look. I don't care if he had a pocket full of cash....

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I would be weary of this guy being a potential thief. Sitting at a car show with cash in pocket and is all to eager to buy your car for asking price? Sounds too good to be true. Did you give him your address yet? If so, make sure you do some things to disable the car from being started. Otherwise, meet in a public place. I'd say your car is in similar condition to mine, so I'm curious to see if this goes through. Right now only low mileage all original GN's are pulling any decent money. Personally, I'm not interested in selling mine until I can at least get somewhere in the mid $30k range for it. I don't know if it will ever get that high, but another 5 years will tell. I have low $20's into it I'm sure.

Thank you guys for the very good advice. I did not even give him my #. I got his. I did not give him my address, and he did not ask for it. I checked before I pulled in to my neighborhood, to see if I was followed, I was not. My wife was waiting outside with my gun. I puled straight in the garage, and closed it, and then pulled my truck up to block the garage door. I would only meet at my bank to trade cash for title. And no security was discussed.

I have put up a couple more pics. As you can see, the front seats are new, the rear seats are new, the seat belts are new, the steering wheel is new. The grille emblem is new, the front impact strip is new, the headlight bezels are new, the corner lights are new, the front spoiler is new, and the SPOOLFOOL rear filler is new, the antenna nut is new, the antenna is new. The vacuum brake swap is new. Hotchkiss rear suspension, Spohn tubular front uppers are new, billet tie rod adjusters are new. Although the chassis has 99k on it, the engine has 2500 miles on the rebuild. I have (2) negatives...the rear main seal leaks, and although I've spent $700 on the A/C, it has a leak, and will not stay charged. I have added aluminum rear drums, power trunk release, compass/ temp rear view mirror. Dynomat the floor and trunk. The trunk carpet kit is new. I have repainted all trim - grille, fender trim, windshield trim, upper door splash pans, door handles, lock cylinders, headlight bezels, tail light bezels, drip rail trim. Door jamb vents are new. The das pad is new. I replaced the under-hood body bolts with stainless button head bolts.

You don't realize all the small details until you write out something like this.... I think I may have just talked myself out of this deal. I love my car, and stopped another project that was 95% done, when I got this car. It is my favorite ride that I own right now. As most of guys already know, I get looks / props / thumbs up every time I pull out of the driveway. You guys know this very well. GUYS... GIVE ME A REASON TO KEEP MY CAR!!

On that note... I will discount Boost231, on the premise he is uneducated on the true value of a well built, well taken care restomod GN.
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On that note... I will discount Boost231, on the premise he is uneducated on the true value of a well built, well taken care restomod GN.

You haven't already given yourself enough reason to keep it?

And that BOOST231 guy........Naw, he don't know nuthin' 'bout putting a ton of money in to a car to class it up a little.......... :D:eek::eek::eek:
I would ask myself what would it take to replace the Great car I have ? In $$$$$$$$ that is , Good Luck Keith
at 25 K it would take you months if not longer to sell that car. If you want to sell the car, at that price go for it, I don't see you leaving anything on the table. as always stated, once you put the money into a car, are you really going to get that money back over a certain limit? putting 20K into a 20K car is not going to make it worth 40K to someone else, probably only 23 to 24K. as hard as it is to say as we have all done it. If he is paying in cash, I would have a bank inspect that money and definitely Do not let him now where you live until the deal is done, how does someone roll with 25K in cash on them? then again I am skeptical about most things lol.
Who said 13,800 I hope you were kidding? Or you were trying to buy the car? lol

Same as everyone else how much would it take to replace it?

I understand you said 25K already but I always give a crazy number... like 50K and I still do not want to sell..

Cool console BTW.
how does someone roll with 25K in cash on them? then again I am skeptical about most things lol.

I was just at SpoolFool's Swap meet on Saturday and watched one fellow offer $25K cash on the spot for a very sweet Nova that rolled into the parking lot. I know the for certain the guy who offered the cash had it with him. it isn't that unusual.

If someone is intent on buying a cool car and maybe doesn't know exactly what they want until they see it, why wouldn't they go to car shows with money in hand to make a buy if the deal presents itself?

Some of your guys paranoia for your cars is unsettling...........
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You asked for my honest opinion and I gave it. That's about all I would pay for your car. If someone wants to give you 25k for it only you can truly decide if it's worth selling it at that price.

You want to me to post up my restro mod car and ask how much it's worth? It's worth more to me then anyone is willing to pay, but that's just how things go. If someone offered me 80k I might sell it. But you might only think it's worth 30k. I know alot about making these cars right and fixing them up. it's hard to sell them for what you think they are worth because of the hours and love you have into the car.

You do have a very nice car don't get me wrong. But just a few years back my family bought a one owner WE4 with 15k original miles for 20k....

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