GM 12 bolt and turbo 400

I have a built GM 12 bolt and turbo 400 out of a skylark would that fit in an 87 gn and if not what would need to be done to make it fit
I did the 8.5" swap from a 72 Skylark going on almost 15 years ago. I used a kit from HPMotorsports. The toughest part was welding in new spring perches and lower shock mounts. I was able to use my stock driveshaft. I don't have a clue what length is needed for your swap. Here's a pic of how my GN looks with 10" wheels on the back. I would guesstimate I have about $750 wrapped up in the swap including the price of the wheels. If you need more info on my swap just let me know and I'll post the details.


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I have an A body rear that I was planning to put in mid as well. Eric, please post the info for all of us. Thanks for the link BTW.