GM Headgaskets / Used roller rockers


Jun 6, 2007
Hey guys, unfortunately I took the Felpro headgaskets a few hours ago during a tune of the car.

I was advised that the GM hg's have thicker firing rings and I should go with these. If I find an affordable set I will, if not the let me know what you got. I will get my heads oringed to help the issue, so I should be fine with the felpros but would rather do it right now.

Also looking to see if I find a set of used roller rockers so i can put them on the car now that i am doing the heads. let me know what you got
Roller Rockers

I have a set of used T&D Roller rockers that I was going to put on my GN before I sold the car

Very good condition

1:55 Ratio

Paid $400.00 - 3 months ago

Looking for best offer

I was told Full Throttle Speed and Style carries the victor reins which were oem on these cars. I just ordered the head gasket kit and it comes with most of the other gaskets except the rear seal that they sell seperate for like 14$ which ain't bad.