Gm Posi Question


OH, OK .......Now I get it
Hey Fellah's,
I'm asking your input on how your Factory Posi Rear end's hold up, especially the Drag Strip guy's ? I'd appreciate any answers from us DD er's too !
200,000 on one car 240,000 on the other, stock rears, both 11 second cars under 50 passes on each car, both daily drivers.
Thanks DD........Sold American ! That's all I needed to Know ! Rock on......, my Friend.
My 81K car has seen a couple hundred drag strip passes. I beat the snot out of it.

Bought the car with 62 K on it. Built it to do mid-tens and lost the posi unit at about 76K (replaced with an Eaton unit) and shaved 6 or 7 teeth off the ring gear about a year and a half later. Replaced that with a Motive Gear Ring and Pinion set up.

I got all kinds o' broken parts to display. :giggle:


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