GM Timing Cover


This is a new gm timing cover that is a little strange it takes a different water pump and has a timing tab molded in and no fuel pump plate I bought from a member here and dont know what year it fits but I did the oil porting mods and now I cant use this on my stage motor so it is up for sale to any one who can use it ... $ 80.00 plus shipping


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It won't fit a buick 109 block,look at the wave in the gasket surface. Ours is straight. Maybe a 455 or 350?
according to the Buick power source book, the 82 front cover, (a-car-century) part no 25512585 uses a different water pump that is more efficient and requires up to 65% less horsepower to operate than any 3.8 cover. it uses a different water pump, so some pulleys may have to be changed hope you find this helpful